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TikTok has recently become one of the most popular social media hangouts. It provides a place for content creators to post short, engaging videos that viewers seem to love. There is an increasing amount of quality consumer traffic here, and businesses can use it to increase their online marketing reach. Aspire can help your business stay relevant by advertising on this up and coming channel.

Our process

TikTok is home to a vibrant and engaged global community


TikTok Ads Strategy

The first thing we do for any TikTok advertising campaign is build a clear, data-driven strategy. Our TikTok Ads agency will work together with your team to find the best prospects for your product or service, and target them with high-quality, engaging content.


TikTok Ads Creative

Your TikTok ads are a waste of money if they don’t impress and captivate viewers. Depending on your location, our videographers will come to you and film the perfect ad videos. If you’re out of our travel zone, our TikTok Ads specialists will consult with your production team on how to shoot the video properly and do all the editing work.


Targeted TikTok Ads

As we build your campaign, we use your input and our knowledge of TikTok Ads to strategize the best plan and ensure we are targeting the right audience. We focus on the prospects that have the best chance of converting. Bottom line – we show your expertly crafted ads to the right people at the right time.


Continuous Reporting

Our clients have complete access to our reports showing you how your TikTok Ads campaigns are performing in real-time. Our TikTok Ads agency also sends a detailed weekly analysis, including our plans for boosting metrics in the coming week.


Constant Improvement

At Aspire, we focus on incremental improvements with our TikTok Ads campaigns. We build campaigns with very short ROI periods, paying for themselves after day one and generating a massive ROI shortly after.

Start using TikTok Ads to market your business today.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The cost of our TikTok Ads services depends on the size of the campaign you want to run. We charge an initial set-up fee, a small base monthly management fee, and a performance-based bonus. The performance-based compensation allows us to realize the campaign's success together.
TikTok used to be a platform used almost exclusively by teens. The user base has grown immensely and now spans across all demographics. TikTok Ads allow you to generate a massive ROI using data-driven advertising on a platform with much lower competition than Facebook.
Compared with social media marketing platforms like Facebook, TikTok ads are more expensive. We do not recommend starting a TikTok Ads campaign if your budget is not at least $5000/month, as it will be challenging to get enough data to scale.

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