From social zero to influencer hero!

We create and maintain your social media presence, so you can focus on growing your business. After a seamless setup of your social networks we can schedule, create and post your content to ensure complete peace of mind.

Social Page Build

A solid social media presence will increase your customer engagement.

Our team of marketing strategists will build your social media profiles.

Instagram Business Profile
  • Creation of an Instagram account
  • Addition of a profile picture
  • Edit & update business information: website, biography, and phone number
  • Conversion of the account to a business account (business.instagram.com)
  • Connect the Instagram account to the corresponding Facebook Business page (if applicable)
  • Live walkthrough of how to access the iOS or Android app
  • Walkthrough on how to manage the Instagram account going forward
  • Post 5 images - with filters, hashtags, and description spread out within the first two weeks of the account being created
  • Follow 20 local accounts, either sent by the client or picked out by the agent
LinkedIn Company Page
  • Provide the client with insight in creating a LinkedIn Company page and outline steps required to create a page
  • Claiming and set up a LinkedIn Company page
  • Add a business description, website, industry keyword, and company size
  • Add the business' address and contact information
Facebook Business page
  • Claiming of the Facebook page
  • Update user photo & cover photo (if provided)
  • Business description
  • Add business owner as an admin / owner of page
Twitter Company Profile
  • Create a twitter page using a Gmail or generic email provided by you or the client
  • Setting up and claiming the profile through a one-time verification text message (client provided cell number)
  • Business description
  • Add the business' contact information

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Social Media Management

Our expert marketing strategists will boost your social media accounts.

We work with all major social media platforms


We've partnered with a leading social media software company

To be successful on social media you need to post a nonstop stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels.

Metricool allows us to collaborate with you to:

  • Research competition
  • Analyze strategies
  • Create in-depth reporting
  • Plan and schedule content
  • Analize hashtags
  • Optimize campaigns

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