SMS Marketing Strategies: Lessons from KFC’s Franchisee Success

SMS Marketing Strategies: Lessons from KFC’s Franchisee Success

KBP Foods logo: SMS Marketing Strategies - Lessons from KBP Foods Franchisee Success

So, have you heard about SMS marketing strategies? They’re an awesome way to connect with customers and drive sales. Just look at KBP Brands, a big KFC franchisee that recently launched an SMS marketing campaign in April 2023. They saw a whopping 30% month-over-month subscriber growth! In this blog post, we’re gonna show you how small businesses can learn from KBP’s success and use SMS marketing strategies to boost your sales.

What’s the Deal with KBP’s Marketing Campaign?

KFC Foods logo: SMS Marketing Strategies - Lessons from KBP Foods Franchisee Success

KBP Brands rolled out their SMS marketing program in 847 KFCs across 28 states in the US. This allowed them to text their customers with deals, promotions, and updates. Partnering with Vibes, they tested the program in 162 restaurants in five states and got some pretty impressive results. Their SMS marketing campaign let them send targeted messages to people in their local area based on things like menu preferences, pricing tiers, demographics, and more.

The pilot was so successful that they decided to launch it nationwide. And the best part? It’s not even a traditional loyalty program. But it’s still a super cool way for an individual franchisee to use digital tech to boost their sales. Since KBP operates about one-fifth of KFC’s U.S. stores, this could be a game-changer for KFC’s overall sales.

Small Businesses: Implementing SMS Marketing Strategies

You can learn from KBP’s success and use SMS marketing strategies to engage your customers, boost sales, and build customer loyalty. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pick the right SMS marketing platform: You’ll need a reliable, easy-to-use SMS marketing platform to make this work. Do some research and find one with cool features like simple campaign creation, targeting options, and analytics.
  2. Grow your SMS subscriber list: Start by getting your existing customers on board. Offer them exclusive deals, promos, or updates to encourage them to sign up. Use social media, email marketing, and in-store signs to get new subscribers, too.
  3. Make your content targeted and personal: Just like KBP, focus on sending messages that are tailored to your customers‘ preferences and demographics. The more personal your content, the more your audience will love it.
  4. Test and tweak your campaigns: Keep an eye on how your SMS marketing campaigns are doing and analyze the data to see where you can improve. Keep testing and tweaking to make your campaigns as effective as possible.
  5. Stay on the right side of the law: SMS marketing has some rules, like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the U.S. Make sure you’re following these regulations to avoid fines and keep your brand’s reputation looking good.
Young adults using texting campaign: SMS Marketing Strategies - Lessons from KBP Foods Franchisee Success

Why SMS Marketing Rocks for Small Businesses

Using SMS marketing strategies has some great benefits for small businesses, such as:

  1. Crazy high open and engagement rates: Over 90% of SMS messages get opened. That’s way better than email marketing!
  2. Super-fast communication: SMS messages are delivered and read in minutes, so you can send time-sensitive deals and updates to your customers ASAP.
  3. Easy on the wallet: Compared to other marketing channels, SMS marketing is usually more affordable – perfect for small businesses with limited budgets.
  4. Boost customer loyalty: Offering exclusive deals and promos through SMS can make your customers love you even more and keep them coming back.
  5. Better customer experience: Personalized content and offers make your customers feel special, creating a more enjoyable experience for them.
  6. Get ahead of the competition: Many small businesses haven’t jumped on SMS marketing yet. So, if you do it now, you’ll have a competitive edge.

    Check Out These Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

    To help you wrap your head around SMS marketing, here are some examples of strategies that small businesses can use:

    1. Flash sales and limited-time offers: Use SMS to promote super quick sales or deals that won’t last long. This gets your customers excited to buy ASAP.
    2. Event reminders: Let your customers know about cool events like in-store workshops or special sales. They’ll appreciate the heads-up and be more likely to join in.
    3. Appointment reminders: If your business uses appointments, send SMS reminders to help customers remember and show up. This means fewer no-shows and happier customers.
    4. Order updates: Keep your customers in the loop about their orders or deliveries. They’ll love the extra info and feel more connected to your business.
    5. Customer feedback: SMS is a great way to ask for customer feedback and use it to make your products or services even better.

    Let’s Wrap It Up

    So, as you can see from KBP Brands’ success story, SMS marketing strategies can be super powerful for small businesses looking to boost sales and connect with customers. By picking the right platform, growing your subscriber list, sending targeted content, and optimizing your campaigns, you can make the most of this affordable marketing channel. With higher open rates, super-fast communication, and the chance to build customer loyalty, SMS marketing might just be the secret weapon your small business needs to stand out in today’s fast-paced market.

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